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Internet Of Things (IoT) – A PowerWeb, Where Devices Communicate

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If Social Media is for Living Soul then IoT is for Digital Gadgets. Every Day 2.5 QUNINTILLION bytes of data is created & transferred.

What if information can be collected straightly from the source existing anywhere on planet?

What if it can act like a GPS and also state condition?

Here IoT brings acuity of all Digital things to all Firm, Company or Institute. In Industries it will work like a Brainy Robot….Machines will be made to Optimize their capacity, improve productivity, reduce interlude time, and also work like a safety equipment in case of any danger as sensors would be alarmed. TechieNest is a company where you can learn, Practice and Implement IoT almost everywhere like cars, Homes, workplace, company, sector, city, state, country and even world and can be automated.

Scenario Before IoT

Wi‐Fi is an extremely popular choice for wireless home and business networks but the main disadvantage of Wi‐Fi for IoT devices is that the data transfer rate is too fast and also battery‐ operated Wi‐Fi devices typically need to be charged every day. Thus, other technologies, such as Bluetooth and ZigBee complement Wi‐Fi in the smart home and other IoT applications.

Ideas Behind Technology

Cases when we wanted to have more data –

1. GPS-based navigation has become a must in our life as it helps us to find that museum and restaurant we wish to go, taking into account the current traffic conditions but IoT will provide additional feeds into the navigation systems and make the information more rich by combining weather conditions en route, feedback from commuters already on the road, measurements from road sensors, etc. and hence will make planning of a trip even more efficient.

2. In the need of healthcare, Internet of Things applications are able to support not only the well-being of individuals but they can also indicate responsible person so that action can be taken as soon as possible.

3. Near Field Communications (NFC) is an important technology of the Internet of

Things. NFC is closely linked to the mobile phone and is a specialized technology in the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology family. It enables many mobile phone applications such as for instance secure payment transactions.

4. Event detection and interpretation is a key element for the Internet of Things. In the “Emergency Response” application scenario the event of a car crash has to be determined accurately and from multiple possibly conflicting sources and many more….

Benefits of IoT

To be successful in the new and highly competitive IoT market, businesses need to understand the following

1. The IoT (and the smart home) business model isn’t about pushing products (“things”) out the door in a single sales transaction. It’s about reinventing products as recurring services and revenue streams.

2.  What consumers really want are smart solutions and smart services that will make their lives better, easier, healthier, safer, simpler, more comfortable, more convenient, more efficient, and more enjoyable. They are specifically looking for solutions like “security,” “energy efficiency,” “assisted living,” and others.

The IoT enables better decisions to be made faster with timely, higher‐quality data. Device manufacturers and service providers need to look at the big picture, not just individual components, devices, and machines.

Industries looking for their future in IoT

There are loads of companies who have invested already in this sector, like :-

1.  Alphabet Inc

2. Google

3. TechieNest

4. Belkin WeMo

5. LiFX, Honeywell, Wink, TP-Link etc

To know more on IoT and to pursue your Career as an IoT professor, hold your future with Powerweb.

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