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Tricopter is an aircraft similar to a helicopter except it has three rotor disks. The beauty of the design is that three ordinary outrunners direct driving ordinary propellers can be used. Four helicopter gyros makes the tricopter super stable. And to make it yaw a servo tilts the back motor. So in this workshop students will bulid there own tricopter and learn the fundamental of aircrafts.

Workshop Plan Day wise

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Introduction to Flight

  • History of manned and Unmanned flight
  • Types of flying models (Rubber-powered, engine-controlled and electro-power
  • controlled)
  • Multi-rotor technology
  • Helicopter to Quadcopter
  • Operation, advancements and advantages of Quadcopters

Multi-rotor modeling (Dynamics)

  • Fundamentals of Rotor Dynamics.
  • Dynamic modeling using Euler-langrange and Newton-euler equations using Simulations in MATLAB and SIMULINK.
  • Various components of a Multi-rotors (Tri/Quad).
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Multi-rotor modeling (Dynamics) Continued..

  • Stability and Control of a Multi-rotors (Tri/Quad).
  • Introduction to Multi-rotors (Tri/Quad).
  • Basics of PID tuning (using Arduino uno).
  • Introduction to Electronics and Sensor calibration (using arduino uno)

Software setup and calibration

  • Explore how to do a setup for Autopilot and upload firmware.
  • Systematic procedure of electronics setup (ESC, Receiver and Sensor calibration).
  • Assembling a tri-copter
  • Electronics integration and hardware setup.

Fly your tri-copter

  • Outdoor flying

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Project Details

  • Introduction to Flight
  • Multi-rotor modeling (Dynamics)
  • Software setup and calibration
  • Fly your tri-copter
  • Acquaint yourself with practical knowledge.
  • Workshop taken by Exceptionally Qualified and Professional Trainers actively involved in Research & Development.
  • Learn your Area of Interest directly from Industry Experts.
  • Scales up your CV/ Resume in Technical while boosting your Logical Abilities.
  • Brings Confidence in you for Technical rounds of Interview.
  • Lifetime assistance on any of your projects.
  • Seminar room with Power plugs.
  • Projector.
  • Mic.
  • White Board.



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