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Introduction to MATLAB Training

The word MATLAB stands for Matrix-Laboratory to make every problem easier with less of coding. MATLAB is very interesting to learn because the diversity is very high including image processing, video processing, GUI-Graphical User Interface, signal processing, solving mathematics calculations and simulations for leading robotics and sensor.
The best part is that every operation can be performed on software and to learn it we are ready to serve you.

Our Training Program Details

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Certification By : TechieNest, An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
Study Material : Book free to each participant (Soft Copy)
Fee : 8,500/ +Taxes
Duration : 1 Month

Course Details


Day 1

Introduction to MATLAB and Simulink

  • What is MATLAB?
  • Historical Background, Features, Applications & scope
  • MATLAB & its Various Toolboxes
  • Introduction to SIMULINK
  • Significance & Relevance of the training in Industry
  • Why Techienest for this Training?

Getting Started with MATLAB

  • Installing & starting MATLAB
  • Understanding the MATLAB Desktop Layout
  • Command Window,Editor Window,Workspace,Bin Directory, Command History, Figure Window
  • MATLAB Help Feature
  • MATLAB File Types
2 Hours
Day 2

Basics of  MATLAB Programming

  •  Features of Command Window & Editor Window
  • Basic MATLAB Commands & Keyboard shortcuts
  • Defining Editing and Clearing Variables & Checking for existence
  • The ‘ANS’ variable
  • Use of Semicolon(;) in MATLAB
  • Introduction to Arrays & Matrices
  • Matrix Operations & Operators
  • Element Access Techniques
  • My First MATLAB Program

Tutorial 1 : Basic MATLAB operations

Enter to the new world of innovations

 2 Hours

Day 3

MATLAB Scripting

  •  Writing , Saving, Running, Edititng Script files in MATLAB
  • Conditional & Looping Statements
  • MATLAB Data types
  • Concept of Table, Structures, Cell
  • Difference between Table, Structures and Cell

Tutorial 2: MATLAB Scripting & Array Operations

2 Hours
Day 4

  • Basic I/O operations
  • Various MATLAB Functions and their use
  • The difference between script & function
  • Creating & running User defined functions
  • MATLAB Graphics: Plotting Data, Clearing Plots, Subplot, Labelling & various features

Tutorial 3: MATLAB Graphics & Plotting Functions

2 Hours
Day 5

Introduction to Signal Processing

  • Understanding Signals & its Types
  • Understanding the Image & Its Processing
  • The conceot of Pixels & Frames
  • The facets od image processing in industry
  • image processing toolbox in MATLAB
  • types of images & their formats
  • Image Domains
  • creation of Image
  • Basic image operations
  • Supported Image Data Types in MATLAB & their operations
  • Type conversion
2 Hours
Day 6

Introduction to Image Processing

  • Understanding the Image & Its Processing
  • The Concept of Pixels & Frames
  • The Facets of Image Processing in Industry
  • Image Processing Toolbox in MATLAB
  • Types of Images & their Formats
  • Image Domains
  • Creation of Image
  • Basic Image Operations
  • Supported Image Data Types in MATLAB & their operations
  • Type conversion

Image Enhancement Techniques

  • Geometric Transformations of Images
  • The Concept of Brightness & Contrast of an Image
  • Adjusting the Color Levels of Image
  • Image Arithmetic

Tutorial 4: Basic Image Operations & Enhancement techniques computing with operations

2 Hours
Day 7

Analyzing Images

  • Pixel Information Extraction
  • The Reign of Interest
  • Manipulating the color information of pixels
  •  properties of ROI
2 Hours
Day 8

Tutorial 5: Image Analysis Algorithms

Project1: Tumor Identification System

IT Servers and Their Security

2 Hours
Day 9

Image processing continued…

  • Image Morphology (Opening, Closing, Erosion, Dilation)
  • Image Filtration
  • Edge Detection
  • De-noising Concept
  • Various Operations on ROI
2 Hours
Day 10

Advanced Image Processing

  • Introduction to Computer Vision Toolbox in MATLAB
  • Object Detection Algorithms
  • Feature Detection, Extraction & Matching
  • Combinational Operations

Spying/Security Portable Devices

2 Hours
Day 11

Tutorial 6: Advanced Image Processing

Project 2: Automatic Target Finder/Locator

Project3: Anti-Theft Security System with Email Alerts

2 Hours
Day 12

Video Processing

  •  Introduction to Image Acquisition Toolbox in MATLAB
  • The Concept of Image Acquisition & Frame Extraction
  • Setting up Camera with MATLAB
  • Capturing the Video in MATLAB
  • Playing the Recorded Videos
  • Video Processing on Recorded Videos
  • Real Time Video Processing
2 Hours
Day 13

Project 4: Suspicious Movement Tracking System for Border Security

Project 5: Color Gesture Controlled Interactive Computing

2 Hours
Day 14

Project 6: Real Time Face Detection System

Project 7: Face Recognition System

2 Hours
Day 15

Signal Processing

  •  Introduction to Signals
  • Sampling of signals
  • Signal Processing Toolbox in MATLAB
  • Recording & Playing Audio Signals in MATLAB

Project 8: “Synth Audio”

Project 9: “Speech Synthesizer”

Day 16
  • Concept of Filtering the signals
  • Speech Synthesization Algorithms

Project 10: “Inter-Media Studio”

Day 17

Introduction To Transforms

    • What are Transforms
    • Need of Transform
    • Signal Domain & Inter conversion (FT,LT,ZT,FFT)
    • Transform and there uses in Signal analysis
Day 18

Control System 

  • Introduction to Control System Toolbox in MATLAB
  • Generating Transfer Functions
  • State Space Representation of Systems
  • Analysis of System Response
  • Analysis of Systems (Time Domain & Frequency Domain)
  • Finding Rise Time, Settling Time, Peak Overshoot, Step Responses, Bode
    Plots, Pole-Zero Plots etc.
  • Stability & Steady State Error Analysis

Tutorial 9: Basic Control System Tools

Day 19
  • Manual Tuning of an Plant
  • Tuning a plant using PID Tuner
  • Introduction to Compensators
  • Designing a compensator using SISO Tool

Project 11: Cruise Control System

Spying/Security Portable Devices

Day 20

Real Time Automation Systems & Robotics

  • Introduction to Controllers & Robots
  • General Purpose I/O Registers & their Programming
  • Interfacing of DC Motor & Motor Driving ICs with Controller
  • Concept of Switching (AC/DC & DC/AC)

Project 12: A Basic Metro Train Prototype

Day 21

GUI Development

  • What is GUI?
  • The GUIDE tool in MATLAB
  • Understanding the Tool Pane
  • Generating the Callbacks
  • My first GUI Application in MATLAB
Day 22

Tutorial 7: GUI Application Development

  • Introduction to ActiveX Controls
  • Using Project Deployment Tool
  • Generating Executable GUI Application
Day 23

Instrument controlling using MATLAB

  • Introduction to Communication Techniques
  • Introduction to Instrument Control Toolbox
  • Controlling External Devices using MATLAB
  • Serial communication using ICT
  • Bluetooth Communication using ICT

Project 17: Color Gesture Controlled Robot

Day 24

Project13: Gesture Controlled Web-Browser

Project 14: Vision Editor Pro

Day 25

Project 15: Vehicle Density Based Traffic Controlling System

Project 16: Sixth Sense Technology Based Machine Vision System

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Step 1

Register online for any desired course, duration & location of your training course & obtain a Registration-ID. Registration-ID is a Unique Registration Number which is generated by our system after successful registration for training A student can have multiple IDs for multiple courses & batches. It is displayed while successful registration and it is also mailed to you immediately after registration by our server. if you don’t find it in your mail then, please check your SPAM folder or junk folder of your mail ID.

Step 2

Please deposit your Course fee to any one of our payment gateway/ Bank Account/ paytm.

Payment Gateway link: Pay through PayUmoney

Bank Account Details
A/C Name: TechieNest Pvt. Ltd.
Bank A/C No: 201000689491
IFSC: INDB0000592
Bank Name: Indusind Bank Limited
Address: Malviya Nagar, Jaipur ( Rajasthan)
Paytm Number9251494002

Step 3

Update us regarding your fee payment by sending picture/scan copy of bank receipt to: [email protected] and you will receive a confirmation mail on your mail id.

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When someone says yes you can do it….it means you can achieve it and when you decide to take an action we come with the surprising offers:

1) Branch toppers up to 30% off

Offer code: TNBT30

For Branch toppers we have the superb fascinating offer 30% off on summer training Courses.

T&C apply:

  • This offer can be redeemed by only two candidates i.e. 1 male and 1 female candidate.
  • Certification proof is mandatory for the validation of branch toppers.

E.g.: Photo-print of Result or Provisional Mark sheet from University

2) On the basis of 12th result, upto Rs. 2000/- off

Offer code: TN12-2000

Upto Rs. 2000/- off will be awarded in all the courses offered in summer training to those Students who had scored more than 85% in 12th

T&C apply:

  • Certification proof of 12th is mandatory to validate the percentage.

3) Group Discount:

Offer code: TNGD-10

Offer code: TNGD-20

Offer code: TNGD-25

  • If a group size is of: 5 -10 then 10% discount on training

10-20 then 20% discount on training

20 and above then 25% discount on training

4) Referral Offer:

Offer code: TNR3

Offer code: TNR5

  • 3% additional discount to the person who is referring
  • 5% additional discount to the one who is being referred

5) For Former students up to 30% off:

Offer code: TNFS30

  • There will be upto 30% discount on students who already did training

6) Nobel Cause students Rs. 1000/- off:

Offer code: TNNC1000

  • Discount of Rs. 1000/- will be given to students who has worked for Noble cause and proof of all certifications related to that span of work are need to be shown.

7) 5% additional Discount for Campus Ambassador:

Offer code: TNA5

  • Additional 5% discount will be given on training program

8) Previous Workshop attended students 10% off:

Offer code: TNPW10

  • For this category students discount of 10% on summer training

9) IIT, NIT students Rs. 2000/- off:

Offer code: TNIN2000

Students belongs to IIT and NIT will be getting off up to Rs. 2000/- on training programs.

NOTE- All the discounts are applicable to the courses whose course fee worth above Rs 5500/-.

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All participants will get Certificate from TechieNest Pvt. Ltd. in association with Aavriti’18 IIT Bombay

Why TechieNest

  • Vast experience of having conducted Big Outreach Workshop collaborating with over 300+ colleges in all over India including IIT Bombay, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Bhubaneswar, IIT Jodhpur, IIT Mandi, NIT Raipur, MNIT Jaipur, MANIT Bhopal, NIT Jalandhar, NIT Patna, NIT Srinagar, IIIT Kalyani, BITS Pilani and likewise.
  • Trained more than 20,000 students in the field of EMBEDDED SYSTEMS & ROBOTICS, MATLAB & Machine Vision, Internet of Things, PLC_SCADA, PYTHON, C/C++, Andriod, VLSI & VHDL, JAVA and such top notch courses.
  • Our trainers are efficient in Raspberry pi, Arduino, PLCs, etc. which forms essential hardware in Electronic Industries nowadays.
  • Outreach workshop partner of Sanchaar-Wissenaire’18, IIT Bhubaneswar, 2017-18
  • Zonal workshop partner of Techkriti’18 IIT Kanpur, 2017-2018
  • Outreach workshop partner of Techfest’15 IIT Bombay & Techfest’16 IIT Bombay
  • Zonal workshop partner of Techkriti’17 IIT Kanpur, 2016-2017
  • Outreach workshop & Training partner of nVision’17 IIT Hyderabad, 2016-17
  • Outreach workshop partner of Ignus’17 IIT Jodhpur, 2016-17
  • AIRC’18 (All India Robotics Championship) in association with Techkriti’18 IIT Kanpur.
  • AIRC’17 (All India Robotics Championship) in association with nVision’17 IIT Hyderabad, 2016-17
  • Offering Project Based Training, Projects on Demand, Corporate Projects, Commercial Projects, and Consultancy in Engineering Projects.
    Dedicated 24×7 R&D lab.
  • Trained over 50+ international students in TechieNest Technology Transfer Program 2014-15.
  • TechieNest has Research Engineers having excellent research aptitude, teaching pedagogy who illustrates their finding through practical demos during workshop/training.
  • Manufacturer of Electronic products delivering the same across the country.
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Training Kit- will be updated soon

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Address : Plot No. 262, Muktanand Nagar, Opp. Pooja Tower, Gopalpura Mode, Jaipur (302018), Rajasthan(India)

Phone : +91-7340033094


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Address : CYBERAEGIS 7-4 & 7-5, Srigiri Complex Dilsukhnagar, Main road Hyderabad 500060

Phone : +91-8686654444


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Address : SIMPLY C COMPUTERS (IT) Pvt. Ltd. Opp Vandana Auto Raod, Near Nagar Nigam Water Tank, Idgahabhata Road, Raipur

Phone : +91-9251494002



Why TechieNest ?

[bsf-info-box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”id^352707|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^01|description^null” img_width=”48″ title=”Certified Organization” heading_tag=”h5″ read_more=”box” pos=”top” title_font_color=”#ffffff” desc_font_color=”#ffffff”]

TechieNest is a certified ISO 9001:2008, technology service provider and training organization.


[bsf-info-box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”id^352708|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^02|description^null” img_width=”48″ title=”350+ Colleges” heading_tag=”h5″ read_more=”box” pos=”top” title_font_color=”#ffffff” desc_font_color=”#ffffff”]

Our team has successfully delivered the impactful service to more than 350 colleges, including prestigious institutions..


[bsf-info-box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”id^352709|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^03|description^null” img_width=”48″ title=”Work Ideology” heading_tag=”h5″ read_more=”box” pos=”top” title_font_color=”#ffffff” desc_font_color=”#ffffff”]

TechieNest is moving ahead with an ideology where practical and theory are equally emphasized.


[bsf-info-box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”id^352710|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^04|description^null” img_width=”48″ title=”Creating “Techie-Brains”” heading_tag=”h5″ read_more=”box” pos=”top” title_font_color=”#ffffff” desc_font_color=”#ffffff”]

In the vast growing ‘Technical Era’ we are rising with a mission to expand the set boundaries..


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