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IoT : A Billion Dollar Industry

IOT Workshop

Internet of Things

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This course covers the whole specialization in Internet of Things (IoT) including their products, services, sensing, processing & accessibility which will eventually help a person to get skilled on various networks. This program is designed and segmented in such a way that it covers both the theory & practicality of the topics. Also, it consists of utilization of both hardware & software that will not only lead to an exposure to practical examples but also will give students a chance to match up the theory part with the practical examples.

  • Embedded Systems & Programming in Embedded C.
  • Circuit Debugging and programming.
  • Design and program IoT devices.
  • Use real IoT protocols for communication.
  • Secure the elements of an IoT device.
  • Design an IoT device to work with a Cloud Computing infrastructure.
  • Transfer IoT data to the cloud and in between cloud providers.
  • Define the infrastructure for supporting IoT deployments.

The Internet has already driven our lives quite well & now, we are almost sinking deep into its skin. Despite the cyber-attacks, piracy or any hacking activity; internet is one of the most important parts of everyone’s life. Choosing connectivity over security is one of the biggest factors that the human mind will face in the future.

  • IoT will soon witness an extreme rush into the industrial usage & consumer related streams.
  • IoT will provide solutions to disaster management prudently.
  • To eliminate cyber threats, Blockchain along with IoT will come into action.
  • A drastic increment in the economy along with advanced entrepreneurship activities.
  • Big data & analytics is quite safe and sound with the help of IoT

Thus, the future of the IoT field is quite prominent and exponentially active.

With the recent advancements & a big demand in the market, an IoT specialist is eligible for many profiles such as:

  • IoT Engineer.
  • IoT Data Management.
  • IoT Architect.
  • IoT Product Manager.
  • IoT Cloud Developer.
  • Application Architect.
  • IoT Platform Edge Developer.
  • IoT Solution Architect.
  • Embedded System Engineer.
  • Embedded Software Engineer.
  • IoT edge Developer.
  • Embedded Software design Developer.

Top companies like Cognizant, Amazon, Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), DXC Technology, Wogglesoft, Infosys, IBM, Wipro, Havells and many more, are recruiting many IoT professionals for many job profiles. This also confirms how IoT is being liked and flourished globally as well.

With the completion of this course, one would get an idea of what the world of IoT is all about. Also, this course will benefit the student to earn from us the following credentials:

  • An Internship Letter
  • Training Completion certificate
  • Project completion certificate

TechieNest is a leading industry-based training institute that has more than 64000 alumni. We are intensively committed to providing high-quality education and research in the most trending career-oriented technologies. Our dedicated team of experts design & deliver courses keeping in mind the future prospects and in-demand technologies.

We follow the theory of “3Ls”

Learn together:

We tune in to and address the requirements of our students, commending our triumphs and gaining from our experiences.

Learn by experts:

Meet experts from industry and instructors from top colleges and social foundations, who’ll share their experience through recordings, articles, tests, and conversations.

Learn with projects:

Turn your theoretical knowledge into practicality. Learn & build various projects with various modules and experience their smooth implementations. Become a self-made project maker with both easy-going and pro-level ideas.

IoT is one of the most popular technologies that have come into existence in the past few years. From business intelligence to internet security, mobile development to technical architect; IoT has spread its roots everywhere. Thus, to give yourself a big exposure to the creative world of the internet and to learn something new exponentially, IoT is one of the technologies that you must go with.

Every 6 out of 10 industries switch their domain to IoT since it has a lot more advancements, developments & things to explore. Also, IoT serves as a boon to the young developers & programmers who want to grow their career in the field of coding and become an expertise in it.

The scope in IoT is at boom and will keep rising in the future proportionally to the dependency on the electronic devices embedded with an IoT system. In India, the annual salary of an IoT developer is Rs.850k (average) and it is offering lucrative packages depending on the expertise and experience in this field.

IoT is a promising career option that offers exciting learning opportunities as well.

Thus, with IoT in hand, one can easily transform their ideas into realities & can make ways to grow in the cyber industry.

Full Course Structure

Module 0 (1 Hour)
  • Introduction to IoT
  • Various IoT technologies
  • IoT Need & Implementations
  • Various projects using IoT
  • IoT Market size
  • IoT for various industries
  • IoT Platforms – Micro-controller, Microprocessor, Cloud
2 IoT – Embedded Systems & Programming in Embedded C Using Arduino – NODE-MCU (Micro-Controller Platform) 70 Hours
Module 1 (3 Hour)
  • Arduino Architecture
  • Various Arduino Boards
  • Arduino Nano vs Uno vs NODE-MCU vs ESP 32
  • IDE Installation and libraries setup
  • Writing First program on Arduino platform
Module 2 (12 Hour)
  • Accessing Digital I/O Pins
  • Controlling LED indicators, DC Motor, Relays and Buzzer
  • Controller Stepper Motor
  • Controlling Servo Motor
  • Understanding various Robots/Drones development with Motors
  • Interfacing Display with Arduino
  • Interfacing Switches
  • Interfacing Digital Sensors – IR, LDR, Sound, PIR, Ultrasonic, Pulse, Flow and Hall-Effect
  • Displaying sensor status on OLED
Module 3 (5 Hour)
  • Accessing Analog Pins
  • Interfacing analog sensors – Temperature, Current, IR
  • Displaying data on OLED
Module 4 (15 Hour)
  • Working with Communication Protocols – UART, SPI and I2C
  • Interfacing computer with Arduino/NODE-MCU
  • Interfacing RTC with Arduino/NODE-MCU
  • Interfacing Memory Card with Arduino/NODE-MCU
  • Interfacing of DHT 11 Sensor with Arduino/NODE-MCU
  • Working with EEPROM
  • Local Data storage in and accessing from MemoryCard
Module 5 (20 Hour)
  • Module Interfacing –
  • Interfacing RFID reader with Arduino/NODE-MCU
  • Interfacing FingerPrint Module with Arduino/NODE-MCU
  • Interfacing GSM with Arduino/NODE-MCU
  • Interfacing GPS module with Arduino/NODE-MCU
  • Communication devices interfacing – BLE, Wifi, XBee and LoRa
Module 6 (10 Hour)
  • Networking and communication with open-source server
  • Working with GPRS of GSM module and accessing internet in that
  • Working with Wi-Fi of NODE-MCU
  • Connecting Wi-Fi with mobile hot-spot/ Wi-Fi router
  • Sending data to server
  • Receiving data from server
3 IoT – Embedded Systems & Programming in Python Programming Using RaspberryPi (Microprocessor Platform)

 50 Hours


Module 7 (10 Hour)
  • Basics of Python Programming for IoT Applications
  • Installation of OS in RaspberryPi
  • Understanding IP (internet protocol)
  • Static and Dynamic IPs
  • DHCP protocol
  • Setting up RaspberryPi (RPi) on local network
  • IP scanning and connections
  • Installing required packages
  • Accessing RPi wirelessly through computer.
Module 8 (10 Hour)
  • Accessing GPIOs of RPi
  • Interfacing digital IO devices with RPi like – Relay and IR
  • Interfacing serial communication module with RPi
  • Interfacing of Camera with RPi using Python
  • Computer Vision using RPi
Module 9 (10 Hour)
  • Networking – Local/Public and Private/ Public –
  • Communication between RPi and NODE-MCU over wifi
  • Sending data from various NODEs (Clients) to RPi (Gateway/Master) using multi-protocols
  • Understanding Fog and Edge computing
  • Collecting and storing data in RPi (Gateway/Master)
Module 10 (10 Hour)
  • API’s integration –
  • Understanding various Cloud API’s and its methods
  • Accessing response from API
  • Sending data to open source cloud using API’s
  • Uni-Data Formats and data extraction from API’s responses
  • Google Assistant / Alexa Integration
Module 11 (10 Hour)
  • Cloud Computing with AWS
  • Various offered services from AWS.
  • IOT services for NODE-MCU and RPi.
  • Connecting RPi with AWS
  • Exchanging information with AWS cloud.
4 Data Monitoring and Visualizations Over Cloud, Remotely by user on Desktop or Smart Phones

 20 Hours



Module 12 (5 Hour)
  • Monitoring on data on cloud
  • Observing various insights
  • Various important parameters visualisation over AWS
Module 13 (10 Hour)
  • Desktop/Mobile connection remotely with AWS
  • Accessing data from Cloud for visualisation
  • Generating various graphs and analytics
5 Project Development and Testing

●       IoT application for Industrial Use-Case

●       Project evaluation

10 – 15 Hours
Module 14 (5 Hour)
  • Controlling IoT Application remotely.
  • Connection setup – NODE > RPi > Cloud > User and vice versa

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