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Embedded Systems & IoT

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“Explore for the Realms of Possibility’’

Think of a human being in whom body works like a HARDWARE and brain as SOFTWARE!! This very question heated up mind of embedded engineer….

Our brain simulates our senses and provides a command to perform a specific task. So, Embedded System can be explained as a combination of hardware and software which is designed to perform a specific task at specific time. It brings knowledge of Electronics Engineer, electrical engineering and computer engineering together. So both the things are necessary for proper functioning. So this is about how to get into the field of Embedded Systems & Robotics and make it as a career option.

Course :

Embedded Systems & IoT

Certification By : TechieNest, An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
Study Material : Software and PDFs provided to each student
Fee : INR 13999 + Taxes INR 5000 + Taxes
Duration : 30 Days / 120 Hours

Step 1

Register online for any desired course, duration & location of your training course & obtain a Registration-ID. Registration-ID is a Unique Registration Number which is generated by our system after successful registration for training A student can have multiple IDs for multiple courses & batches. It is displayed while successful registration and it is also mailed to you immediately after registration by our server. if you don’t find it in your mail then, please check your SPAM folder or junk folder of your mail ID.

Step 2

Please deposit your Course fee to any one of our payment gateway/ Bank Account/ paytm.

Bank Account Details –
A/C Name: TechieNest Pvt. Ltd.
Bank A/C No: 201000689491
IFSC: INDB0000592
Bank Name: Indusind Bank Limited
Address: Malviya Nagar, Jaipur ( Rajasthan)
Paytm Number – 9251494002

Step 3

Update us regarding your fee payment by sending picture/scan copy of bank receipt to: [email protected] and you will receive a confirmation mail on your mail id.

When someone says yes you can do it….it means you can achieve it and when you decide to take an action we come with the surprising offers:

1. Group Discount:

Offer code: TNGD-5
Offer code: TNGD-10
Offer code: TNGD-15

  • If a group size is of: 5 -10 then 5% discount on training
  • 10-20 then 10% discount on training
  • 20 and above then 15% discount on training
2. Referral Offer:

Offer code: TNR3
Offer code: TNR5

  • 3% additional discount to the person who is referring
  • 5% additional discount to the one who is being referred
3. For Former students up to 15% off:

Offer code: TNFS15

  • There will be 15% discount on students who already did training
4. Previous Workshop attended students 5% off:

Offer code: TNPW5

5. 5% additional Discount for Campus Ambassador:

Offer code: TNA5

  •  No PRE-REQUISTIES required
  •  Curriculum designed by industry experts
  •  Application-based learning (Hands on>Case Study> Project)
  •  Industry-Specific Project (Retail, Healthcare, Entertainment, Airlines, Sports, E-commerce)
  •  A dedicated student support team
  •  Business Communication skill and resume making sessions by experts
  •  Exclusive Industry immersion sessions


All participants will get Certificate from TechieNest Pvt. Ltd. in association with Aavriti’18 IIT Bombay

Why TechieNest

  • Vast experience of having conducted Big Outreach Workshop collaborating with over 300+ colleges in all over India including IIT Bombay, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Bhubaneswar, IIT Jodhpur, IIT Mandi, NIT Raipur, MNIT Jaipur, MANIT Bhopal, NIT Jalandhar, NIT Patna, NIT Srinagar, IIIT Kalyani, BITS Pilani and likewise.
  • Trained more than 20,000 students in the field of EMBEDDED SYSTEMS & ROBOTICS, MATLAB & Machine Vision, Internet of Things, PLC_SCADA, PYTHON, C/C++, Andriod, VLSI & VHDL, JAVA and such top notch courses.
  • Our trainers are efficient in Raspberry pi, Arduino, PLCs, etc. which forms essential hardware in Electronic Industries nowadays.
  • Outreach workshop partner of Sanchaar-Wissenaire’18, IIT Bhubaneswar, 2017-18
  • Zonal workshop partner of Techkriti’18 IIT Kanpur, 2017-2018
  • Outreach workshop partner of Techfest’15 IIT Bombay & Techfest’16 IIT Bombay
  • Zonal workshop partner of Techkriti’17 IIT Kanpur, 2016-2017
  • Outreach workshop & Training partner of nVision’17 IIT Hyderabad, 2016-17
  • Outreach workshop partner of Ignus’17 IIT Jodhpur, 2016-17
  • AIRC’18 (All India Robotics Championship) in association with Techkriti’18 IIT Kanpur.
  • AIRC’17 (All India Robotics Championship) in association with nVision’17 IIT Hyderabad, 2016-17
  • Offering Project Based Training, Projects on Demand, Corporate Projects, Commercial Projects, and Consultancy in Engineering Projects.
    Dedicated 24×7 R&D lab.
  • Trained over 50+ international students in TechieNest Technology Transfer Program 2014-15.
  • TechieNest has Research Engineers having excellent research aptitude, teaching pedagogy who illustrates their finding through practical demos during workshop/training.
  • Manufacturer of Electronic products delivering the same across the country.

Full Course Structure

Introduction to Embedded Systems & IoT: (2 Hours)
  • IoT Definition & Emergence
  • Real World applications of IoT
  • Architecture; Technology Stack;
  • Hardware and Software Platforms;
  • Role of Embedded Systems in IoT
  • Features of AVR Mega328/2560 based Arduino
  • Description of Complete Hardware Structure & Pin-out
  • Introduction with Embedded C++
  • Programming an Arduino Board

Practical 1: Creating first Arduino Sketch

GPIO: (2 Hours)
  • Configuring I/O and controlling I/O
  • Setting mode of pin as input and output
  • Driving pin high and low
  • LED Interfacing
  • Practical 2: Interfacing Simple LED
  • Practical 3: Reading Input Pin Data
  • Practical 4: LED Control with Button
Relay & Buzzer (2 Hours)
  • Working of Relay & Buzzer
  • Practical 5: Controlling Relay as a Switch using Arduino
  • Practical 6: Controlling Buzzer with Arduino PROJECT 1: “Timer Based Alarm”
LCD ( 2 Hours)
  • Introduction to 16×2 LCD
  • LCD programming with Arduino
  • Practical 7: Printing Simple String, Numbers on LCD
  • Practical 8: Scrolling message Display
Animation on LCD ( 2 Hours)
  • Custom character on LCD

Practical 9: Generating Custom Characters on LCD

PROJECT 2: “Message Display Screen”

Key/Switches ( 2 Hours)
  • Concept of Pullup and Pulldown
  • The types of switches

Practical 10: Interfacing Switches with MCU

PROJECT 3: “Flying Butterfly Game”

Keypad Matrix ( 2 Hours)
  • Working of Keypad Matrix

Practical 11: Working of Keypad Matrix

PROJECT 4: “Basic Calculator”

PWM & Timer ( 2 Hours)
  • PWM in Arduino
  • Practical 12: PWM Generation with Arduino
  • Timer Configuration for Tone Generation
  • Practical 13: Generating Tones using Arduino
  • Counter Usage for Time Calculation\
  • Practical 14: Calculating Time Elapsed PROJECT 5: “SA RE GA MA Generator”
Motor ( 2 Hours)
  • DC Motor: Working, Motor Driver Circuit; H-Bridge Concept
  • Practical 15: Controlling Simple DC Motor Direction using Serial
  • Servo Motor: Servo Mechanism, Working
  • Practical 16: Controlling Servo Motor with Arduino
  • Stepper Motors: Working & Driver
  • Practical 17: Interfacing Stepper Motor PROJECT 6: “PC Controlled Door Lock”
Serial Communication with Arduino ( 2 Hours)
  • Serial Communication with Arduino
  • Practical 18: Sending Data Serially
  • Practical 19: Receiving Data Serially

PROJECT 7: “Virtual Digital Notice Display”

Sensors ( 2 Hours)
  • Using inbuilt ADC of Arduino
  • Voltage Comparator IC for Digital Mode
  • IR Sensor –Concept Working Circuit , Interfacing
  • Flame Sensor – Concept, Working , Interfacing
  • Flex Sensor – The Resistivity Principle, Interfacing

Practical 2 0 : Taking Sensor Input in Arduino

Sensors Continue…. ( 2 Hours)
  • LDR Sensors: Definition, Phenomenon
  • Practical 21: Taking Analog Light Intensity Values
  • emperature Sensor: Construction, Concept, Scaling Factor
  • Practical 22: Fetching Real-time temperature data

PROJECT 8: “Torch Operated Bulb”

PROJECT 9: “Smart Home Fan/Cooler”

Sensor ( 2 Hours)
  • Gas Sensor: Construction, Concept
  • PIR Sensor: Concept & Working
  • Ultrasonic Sensor: Concept of Ultrasonic Waves
  • Working of HC-SR04
  • Practical 23: Interfacing of Ultrasonic Sensor with Arduino
  • Practical 24: Measuring and Displaying Distance of Objects

PROJECT 10: “Smart Parking Sensor with LCD”

Bluetooth & RF ( 2 Hours)
  • Radio Frequency Communication
  • Protocol, Range, Application
  • Bluetooth Module Working
  • Practical 25: Connecting Bluetooth with External Devices and Control Arduino
  • SoftwareSerial Library with Arduino
  • Practical 26: Communicating with Multiple Serial Devices using SoftwareSerial

PROJECT 11: “MCU Controlling in Mesh”

Bluetooth AT Commands

EEPROM ( 2 Hours)
  • Significance, Description, Capacity
  • Practical 27: Accessing/Modifying Data in Inbuilt EEPROM

PROJECT 12: “Password Protection System with Password Changing Feature”

IoT Plateform ( 2 Hours)
  • Basic Concepts of Networking (Types, Topologies, IP, HTTP, URL)
  • Various Data Handling Requests in HTTP
  • What is IoT Platform?
  • What is API?

Practical 28: ThingSpeak IoT Platform for Data Storing

IoT Communication ( 2 Hours)
  • Understanding the WiFi & GSM Modules
  • The AT Commands for HTTP

Practical 29: Simulation of Wi-Fi Working through AT Commands

Python ( 2 Hours)
  • Introduction with Python
  • Raspberry Pi Working Simulation using Python
  • Syncing Python script with Hardware

PROJECT 13: “IoT Data Logger”

IoT Plateform-2 ( 2 Hours)
  • Using IoT Platform to Control MCU
  • Practical 30: ThingSpeak IoT Platform for Hardware Controlling
  • Decision Making over IoT Platform
  • Practical 31: ThingSpeak IoT Platform for Reaction
MQTT ( 2 Hours)
  • Understanding message Queuing Telemetry for IoT The Concept of subscribers and publishers
  • Setting up MQTT on Python
  • Practical 32 : MQTT based private chat room

Project 14: IoT based Private Chat Room

MQTT- 2 ( 2 Hours)
  • Adafruit IoT Plateform for MQTT

Project 15: IoT based Smart Light Controlling Project 16: Live Data Monitoring & Controlling

MQTT-3 ( 2 Hours)
  • IFTTT IoT Platform for Multi-platform communication

PROJECT 17: “Voice Controlled Smart Fan”

IoT Web Application – HTML CSS ( 2 Hours)
  • Brief of HTML & CSS Programming for Web Design

Practical 33: Creating Simple Website for IoT

IoT web Application - Flask ( 2 Hours)
  • Flask with Python for Web Development
  • Taking Input Variables through URLs
  • Using Redirections
  • Accepting Requests
  • Rendering the HTML Templates

Practical 34: Creating Flask Web Application

IoT Web Application - Analytics ( 2 Hours)
  • Creating Graphs over web-applications
  • Syncing Thingspeak Data on Web-app

Practical 36: Generating interactive graphs for IoT Data Analytics

IoT web Application- Google Cloud ( 2 Hours)
  • UnderStanding Google Cloud
  • Google Dialog Flow Control
  • Creating Intents
  • Setting up Google Assistant for IoT

Practical 31: Creating Google assitant intents for web Application

IoT web Application Public ( 2 Hours)
  • Concept of Login and Sessions on web servers
  • Practical 38: Creating Login & Registration Panel

Project 18: Building Public IoT Plateform for Smart Voice Control & Monitoring with authentication.

IoT Mobile Application: Flutter ( 2 Hours)
  • Introduction with Flutter & Dart
  • Understanding Fundamental Concepts of Dart Programming
  • Setting up Android Studio/XCode for Application Development
  • The Flutter Widgets
  • Installing external packages

Practical 39: Deploying Mobile App on Mobile Directly

Project 19 : My IoT App ( 2 Hours)


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TechieNest is a certified ISO 9001:2008, technology service provider and training organization.


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TechieNest is moving ahead with an ideology where practical and theory are equally emphasized.


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