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Embedded Systems And Robotics-Fly High And Inspire Next, Because the future is here

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Explore for the Realms of Possibility’’

Think of a human being in which body works like a HARDWARE and brain as SOFTWARE!!

This very question heated up mind of embedded engineer….

Our brain simulates our senses and provide a command to perform a specific task. So, Embedded System can be explained as a combination of hardware and software which is designed to perform a specific task at specific time. It brings knowledge of Electronics Engineer, electrical engineering and computer engineering together. So both the things are necessary for proper functioning .  So this is about how to get into the field of Embedded Systems & Robotics and make it as a career option.

             Learning Embedded Systems And Robotics

                 “Because Possibilities are Infinite’’

Is it really a smart option to choose?

There are number of applications of Embedded Systems in transport, cars, offices, homes, etc. lead to plenty of projects in a line, and hence require a lot of talented Minds.

So, it’s a smart option to choose it as a career option but before going into it, there are some prerequisites, as embedded system is a combination of almost all the technologies like digital electronics, mobile computing, software programming, real time computing, etc.

Around the globe,  institutes  like MIT, University of Cambridge, Stanford provide undergraduate and post graduate courses on Embedded System. In India also IITs, NITs, and IIITs provide post graduation courses for the same.  Certification courses of short duration on Embedded Systems and Robotics are also provided by  institutes like TechieNest  Pvt. Ltd., Shastra University etc.

In order to have a good career in this field, knowledge as well as skills of microcontrollers like AVR, PIC, or 8051 etc. is required and also knowledge of programming languages mainly Embedded C are essentially needed. Making a command in these two regions will lead one to secure good job in well-known and renowned companies . One can also brush up their skills by joining any startup to get training on basics and practice and develop deep base knowledge . Do real time projects…


                       Career Scope of Embedded Systems And Robotics

                        “Fly High And Inspire Next, Because the future is here.”

The path to get a job in Embedded System and Robotics is very interesting as the industries are moving towards IOT but quite a challenging one. As the pay scale in the electronics industries is not that good, and less awareness of the opportunities, most of the graduated get directed towards a different direction and choosing IT Industries as a career option.

Many sessions and meetups takes place all over the world by embedded engineers, if one is very interested in making career in this field they can try and join these groups so to get a fair amount of idea how to head in this direction. One more thing, there is no branch barrier in learning Embedded Systems as only this thing to be kept in mind is one have knowledge of languages mainly embedded C and microcontrollers, so it can be a carrier option for student of any stream. And in future there is a huge scope as industries are directing towards products using this technology.

Leading players in Embedded Industries includes Samsung, Siemens, Bosch, Kuka Robotics, TechieNest Pvt. Ltd., Wipro, Sony, Bosch, Gridbots, Amitech and the list is huge offering different kinds of services includes consultation, services as well as product building.

So, do have a good start by opting Embedded Systems as a career option and head towards to an adventurous life!!!

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