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Aeromodelling – because any FLYING object is a matter of CURIOSITY

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Since the day when only birds were seen flying in the sky, there was a craving in the midst of people to fly high & touch the clouds….Human beings then went up to Mountains, hill stations to feel the sensation of being ringed up from clouds. After that also mortals thirst was not quenched, then they began their research on what to build which could have the potential to make things also travel beyond clouds. From there the concept of Aero-Modelling aroused which comprises of Calculation, Designing, Fabrication and Flying (CDFF).
Glimpses of CDFF
From Calculation, I mean to work out on wing area, elevator area, rudder area, tail area and finding aspect ratio. Further comes Designing, for the learners XFLR5 can go good where analysis of airfoils, wings etc. is done. On the top of this, Fabrication comes into play which starts with selecting airfoil on airfoil database “Profili”. An Aero model is structured by corror sheets or balsa wood, balsa wood is coated by monokote sheets and this all you can experience at TechieNest. By the same token, Building arrives where giving our aero model a pick-up is browned, in it for small aircrafts we use brushless dc motor which is put into use with Lippo battery and in big aircrafts RC engine is installed. In the eleventh hour just get-set-go and FLY your Aero model!!
Why Aeromodelling?
It is true that Flying gives wings to your Imagination and every individual should let that happen to create their success story. Take-off your Journey with TechieNest!!
Aeromodelling – In Science
Forces involves in an Aero-model are Lift, Gravity, Thrust and Drag.
  • Lift
In order to fly, an object must be able to generate enough lift to overcome gravity. To accomplish this, air must be moving across the wing. It can be done by pushing the wing through the air or by moving the air across the wing such as with wind. The opposing force of lift is gravity.
  • Weight
Weight is the force of gravity. It is a continuous downward force that flying objects must constantly overcome to stay aloft. Objects can glide for a very long period of time and May eventually fall back to earth if they are don’t generate enough lift to overcome gravity. The opposing force of gravity is lift.
  • Thrust
Thrust is the force that moves the object forward. To move forward the flying object must overcome drag and to reduce it, airplanes are streamlined and most bird shapes have evolved to be streamlined. The opposing force to thrust is drag.
  • Drag
Drag is also referred to as air resistance which is a friction between the moving object and the air. It is. The more streamlined an object is the less air resistance the object develop. The opposite force of drag is thrust.
Aeromodelling – As a Sport cum Hobby
Misconception comes on Price here wherein it is not an expensive sport, anybody can get into it. Its price starts from few thousand rupees and the number of students taking part in it is increasing every year. There are many clubs and organizations who are giving  push onto Outdoor Free Flight, Indoor Free Flight, Remote Control Pylon Racing, Remote Control Soaring, Control line Aircraft, Electric Aircraft.
Aeromodelling – As a Career
Want to carry-forward your Dream, your Hobby as a Career?
Just drench yourself with the knowledge of Aviation and model building. The Aviation industry has grown at an impetuous speed in last decades and so companies wherein you can learn, implement and grow are-
1. Boieng
2. Airbus
3. HAL
4. Tejas
5. TechieNest
One can put-in anywhere from Rs 2,000 to Rs 18,000; to begin you can try your hands priorily on cheaper aircrafts. Undoubtedly then you will be purely devoted and enthusiastic enough to continue it as your passion but then make it sure to buy better equipment’s or products.
Opportunities are endless, Imaginations are limitless so dwell yourself to nab Infinite Outcomes!!

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