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Neural Networks

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Neural networks are one of the world’s most interesting and recent technologies in demand. It is a beautiful naturally-inspired programming standard that empowers a computer to learn from observational data. It contributes to giving the best solutions to problems like image recognition and natural language processing.
This course is designed to validate your skills for working on Artificial Intelligence.

“One cubic inch of nanotube circuitry, once fully developed, would be up to one hundred million times more powerful than the human brain. — Ray Kurzweil”


  • Learn the core principles of Artificial Neural Computing.
  • Solving computational problems like – Mining, Sentiment Analysis, Object Recognition.
  • Learn the essentials of ANN, CNN and RNN with applications.
  • Learn to prepare custom models using Tensorflow and Keras.
  • Build a Project on Deep Learning using custom datasets
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Day 1-

  • What is Artificial Neuron?
  • Neural Network and its working
  • Designing of Artificial Neural Network
  • Single Layer Perceptron
  • Multi-Layer Perceptron
  • Back-Propagation
  • Tuning Parameters
  • Convolutional Neural Network
  • Recurrent Neural Network
  • Query session


Day 2-

  • Tensonflow – Installation and Use-cases
  • TensorBoard – Parallel Data Training Network Visualisation
  • Keras – Installation and Use – Cases
  • Custom Data Features Mapping
  • Custom Deep Learning Models Development
  • Query Session
  • Applications can be build using this learning in future
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Mr. Saurabh Bhardwaj

(Founder| CEO| Entrepreneur | Corporate Trainer | Speaker| Researcher)

He is the Founder & CEO of TechieNest Private Limited. He has a rich experience of 8 years in training, research and development. He is conversant with diverse fields of technology which includes hardware as well as software. His area of forte includes MATLAB & Simulink, Embedded Linux, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Platforms, artificial intelligence, Block Chain, Cloud – AWS, AZURE, and cognitive computing.
He has trained more than 50000 students across the country and developed dozens of products and headed more than 100 projects on various technologies.
  • Saurabh Kumar
    The knowledge of the trainer is just simply amazing and is so supportive that even if you have a query in night they are ready to solve. Saurabh sir is very cooperative and also other teachers are very sweet.
    Saurabh Kumar
  • Rahul Sharma
    I had accomplished machine learning from this institute. It was a nice experience for me as the course content is procured with theoretical as well as practical aspects. We had done many projects related to each topic and some basic practicals too. The faculty support was very nice and friendly. The course was fully covered and I had understood all the topics.
    Rahul Sharma
  • Nitesh singh
    I had join Embedded system and Robotics course from this institute. It was a nice experience for me as the course content is procured with theoretical as well as practical aspects. We had done many projects related to each topic and some basic practicals too. The faculty support was very nice and friendly. The course was fully covered and I had understood all the topics.
    Nitesh singh
  • Nisha yadav
    I have done training in Machine Learning course and it was very great experience, and I have got to learn so many things here... And environment is also very friendly.One of the best thing about my course was getting trained by Saurabh sir ... He is really amazing and the experiences that he used to share with us was really knowledgeable.
    Nisha yadav
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  • Acquaint yourself with practical knowledge.
  • Workshop taken by Exceptionally Qualified and Professional Trainer actively involved in Research & Development.
  • Scales up your CV/ Resume in Technical while boosting your Logical Abilities.


  • E- certificate will be provided to the learners after successful completion of the workshop.
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