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Automatic Water Tank controller

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pcb designing training in jaipur

Automatic Water Tank controller

Product ID : TechieNest_Com#003

Automatic water-level controller for overhead tanks that switches on/off the pump motor when water in the tank goes below/above the minimum/maximum level. The water level is sensed by two floats to operate the switches for controlling the pump motor. This system mainly works on the principle that” water conducts electricity”. The four wire dipped into the tank will indicate the different water levels. Based on the output of these wires, microcontroller display water level on LCD as well as controls the motor.

An advantage of automatic water level indicator, human effort is reduced as the system controls the motor automatically based on the water level. This system consumes less power. The application of the automation system is used in big building where the manual monitoring is difficult and in industries to control the liquid level automatically.

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