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Every company has majorly two teams actively working for the company’s growth and success. The two teams are Technical and Non-Technical teams.  Both the teams equally work for the company in every aspect.

The non-technical team is known as Business Development Team. The main concern of this team is about the growth of the company through obtaining leads in various fields.  It mainly supports the company through Business ideas, plans, implementation and execution of its services or products in market and analyzing the sale percentage and customer requirements and feedback.

Searching New Ideas for Business Development


S – Substitute

C – Combine

A – Adapt

M – Modify

P – Put to another use

E – Eliminate

R – Reverse

  1. Brainstorming

This method involves triggering a large variety of solutions for a particular problem (idea) with stress being on the number of ideas within the course of group action, there’s no assessment of ideas. So, individuals will speak out their ideas freely without worrying about criticism. Even bizarre/strange ideas are accepted with open hands. In fact, the crazier the thought, the better it is considered. Frequently, ideas are integrated to make one smart plan. Group action is often done, each one by one and in teams, the standard group action cluster includes 6 to 10 individuals.

  1. Mind mapping

Mind mapping could be a graphical technique for imagining connections between numerous items of knowledge or ideas. Every truth or plan is written down and connected by curves or lines to its minor or major (previous or following) truth or plan, building an internet of relationships. Mind mapping is used in group action, project designing, problem-solving and notes taking. As is that the case with alternative mapping strategies, the intention behind brain mapping too is to capture attention and to realize and frame data to change the sharing of ideas and concepts. To get started with mind mapping, the participant simply must write a key phrase or word in the middle of the page. Then, he should write the rest that involves his mind on the exact same page. After that, he should attempt to build connections as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

  1. Visualization and visual prompts

Visualization is thinking of challenges visually therefore on higher comprehend the problem. It’s a method where the participant takes an opportunity from the matter at hand and concentrates on one thing totally and completely different whereas his mind subconsciously continues to figure on the thought. This grows into a part of illumination where the participant suddenly gets a diversity of solutions and he quickly writes them down, thereby making contemporary parallel lines of thought.

Picture prompts facilitate plenty once it involves enabling one’s brain to determine connections. These prompts will facilitate to surface emotions, feelings and intuitions. This makes them significantly helpful for group action solutions to innovative challenges involving individuals, and problems with a deep psychological or emotional root cause.

  1. Morphological analysis

A morphological analysis must do with recognizing the structural aspects of a drag and finding out the relationships among them. For example: Imagine the matter is transporting an object from one place to a different by an approach of a battery-powered vehicle. The numerous dimensions are the sort of auto (cart, sling, bed, chair); the facility supply (internal-combustion engine, ironed air, electrical motor); and therefore the medium (air, pave, rails, rollers, oil, water). Thus a cart-kind of auto moving over rough services with a heat engine to power it’s the car. The expectation is that it’d be potential to work out some novel combos.

  1. Brainwriting

Brainwriting is simple rather than asking the participants to shout out ideas, they’re told to pen down their ideas touching on a particular drawback or question on sheets of paper, for a tiny low variety of minutes. After that, every participant will pass their ideas over to somebody else. This somebody else reads the ideas on the paper and adds some new ones. Following another jiffy, the individual participants are once more created to pass their papers to somebody else so the method continues. When concerning quarter-hour, you or somebody else will collect the sheets from them and post them for fast discussion.

  1. Socializing

If staff solely hangs around with colleagues and friends, they might notice themselves in a very thinking rut. Allow them to utilize all those LinkedIn connections to start some fantastic conversations. Refreshing views can assist with delivery out new thinking and doubtless, one or 2 lightning bolts. Socializing within the context of thought may be regarding talking to others on topics that don’t have anything to try and do with the current drawback.

Lead Generation

Lead generation describes the promoting method of stimulating and capturing interest in a very product or service for the aim of developing a sales pipeline. Lead generation typically uses digital channels and has been undergoing substantial changes in recent years from the increase of latest online and social techniques. Specifically, the abundance of knowledge readily accessible online has led to the increase of the “self-directed buyer” and therefore the emergence of latest techniques to develop and qualify potential leads before passing them to sales.

In promoting, lead generation is that the initiation of client interest or inquiry into product or services of a business. Leads are often created for functions like list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads. The strategies for generating leads usually constitute the umbrella of advertising, however, might also include non-paid sources like organic search engine results or referrals from existing customers.


Business development involves a variety of activities and processes that are distributed in order to develop or grow a business. The business development aims to form long-run worth for a corporation through its interactions with customers, different businesses, and even international markets.

Business development initiatives aim to bit by bit grow businesses by implementing projects with specific objectives that stimulate departmental and organizational growth. so as to effectively monitor whether or not these projects having an important impact on the expansion of the business, organizations have to be compelled to constantly monitor and report on the progress of those initiatives. These reports will be used as points of reference once making an attempt to establish if the business development initiatives are literally meeting the pre-specified objectives. The subsequent sections examine the most elements of business development reports and also the advantages that these reports have for businesses.

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